Indugle Spa & Salon is a full-service boutique uniquely designed to achieve our customer’s best-ever spa experience through professional skin care, relaxation, and pampering techniques tailored to achieve one’s personal aesthetic ambitions.


THE FRIENDLY ADVICE CONSULTATION starts with a cleansing of the skin. It is followed by an examination of the surface cells and deeper layers of the skin using our magnifi-cation lamp. It is followed with a complimentary exfoliation and light massage. NO CHARGE

You Facial

THE ALL ABOUT YOU FACIAL is a facial customized to fit your exact needs. You choose from a list of exfoliations, masques, ampoules, and massages so you get just what you want! AL A CARTE

Deserve Facial

YOU DESERVE THE BEST FACIAL is a facial with the snootiest intentions to make you look better than the rest. This treatment includes a selection of a fleece masque which can add collagen, lightening for hyperpig-mentation, or caviar to add a youthful glow. 100

Relaxation Facial

THE RELAXATION YOU WANT FACIAL is catered toward the professional guest. This treatment includes a top of the line European exfoliation, massage, and last masque. Your towels are infused with the best botanical mixers to replenish and purify the skin. The treatment is designed to make you fall asleep on the table. 60

Treats Facial

TREATS FOR YOU is a treatment designed with layers of goodies for your face. This treatment includes a four layer exfoliation and hydrating masque. It works best when paired with the Fun Facial! 60

Fun Facial

ALL THE FUN YOU CAN HANDLE TREAT-MENT uses our advanced ultrasonic machine to give a deep penetration of products used in your facial and to offer greater exfoliation. 100

Rejuvenate Facial

REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN with our Light Emitting Diode (LED) machine created by NASA. It will improve the appearance of aging, sun-damaged and acne-prone skin. A quick skin cleanse followed by 30 minutes of collagen inducing or pore minimizing light. 65

Everybody Loves Diamonds Treatment

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend any-more! Try our diamond tip microderm. This treatment is a quick exfoliation guaranteed to make anyone’s evening go flawless! Impress that special someone with a sparkling new complexion! 100

Enjoyment Facial

FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT FACIAL is an advanced exfoliation with our top of the line Jessner’s, AHA’s, and BHA’s. This treatment is a quick and easy exfoliation designed to let you treat your skin to quick and effective care and still enjoy the rest of your day. 125

Envy Exfoliation

This treatment is a top of the line skin rejuvenation. The cosmelon line of facial enhancement is among the highest quality of treatments to bring an unbelievably new look to your skin. 600