Can You Be Vegan and Have Healthy Hair? via @msmaneconcern #MindfulMonday

April 28 2014

Merary Soto

Merary Soto

We love discovering hair bloggers and Merary Soto’s (photo to the right) blog, Mane Concern, is no exception. Like many of us who are exploring healthier lifestyles, she poses the question Can You Be Vegan and Have Healthy Hair? It’s a great question and she has queried two women with lovely hair for their responses. After the excerpt from Merary’s post you will find a discount code to be used in our online store, where we carry many products (including hair extensions) that are organic and promote healthy hair growth.

Can You Be Vegan and Have Healthy Hair?

Absolutely Yes!  

I have personally considered becoming a vegetarian, at this moment it isn’t a change I am ready to completely commit to. I have done it successfully in the past and at some point I am certain I will go back and make it a life time commitment. For the planet, my health and wellbeing. Lucky for me I belong to a beautiful circle of diverse friends with impressive work and life styles.

To answer this common question I reached out to 2 dear friends and vegan beauties Pilin & Shirley.



Following bliss, Pilin actively pursues her passions of yoga, nutrition and performance! A native of Flint, MI, the vivacious Pilin Anice graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified holistic health coach.  She is also a trained Yoga teacher, who teaches Yoga in NYC.  Learn more about Pilin here :
So, can you be vegan and have healthy hair? When did you become vegan? What are some of the nutrients you eat that contribute to your gorgeous mane? 
Yes you can! I have a very thick healthy head of hair and I have been vegan for eight years and vegetarian for eleven. Along with the help of a few documenteries, I first became a vegetarian because eating meat simply no longer appealed to my taste buds and also for spiritual reasons. After discovering dairy was the source of my cystic acne blues,  I decided to stay far away from ice cream and cheese!  My secret is to eat plenty of seeds and nuts, especially walnuts. I do a deep conditioning treatment weekly and I never use anything on my skin or hair that I can’t pronounce! 


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