Mompreneur Chakeia Johnson Makes Life More Beautiful

July 8 2014


There are times when Chakeia Johnson commiserates with First Lady Michelle Obama’s sentiments about feeling like a single parent. For a few months out of the year Johnson, who is the mom of two small children, has to manage a household as well as oversee the day-to-day operations of her and her husband’s businesses while hubby Brandon works as a linebacker for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Every year before training camp it is their tradition to work in tandem to set their household and business affairs in order before he is off to training camp.

Can You Be Vegan and Have Healthy Hair? via @msmaneconcern #MindfulMonday

April 28 2014

Merary Soto

Merary Soto

We love discovering hair bloggers and Merary Soto’s (photo to the right) blog, Mane Concern, is no exception. Like many of us who are exploring healthier lifestyles, she poses the question Can You Be Vegan and Have Healthy Hair? It’s a great question and she has queried two women with lovely hair for their responses. After the excerpt from Merary’s post you will find a discount code to be used in our online store, where we carry many products (including hair extensions) that are organic and promote healthy hair growth.

Can You Be Vegan and Have Healthy Hair?

Congratulations to Indulge XS Friend: Makeup Artist @tiadantzler

April 3 2014

TiaHeadshotshortOver the years celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler has been supportive of all we endeavor to do at Indulge XS. Tia’s work as a makeup artist has been showcased on magazine covers, in fashion editorials, on TV, in films…everywhere, including on every major red carpet. She has traveled the world with such notables as President Barack Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Viola Davis, Gaborey Sibide, Jeffrey Wright and many more. [Watch her here in Radiant You video.]

Big beauty brands have courted her to use their products as well as work as a consultant.

This newest phase of makeup artistry superstardom involves her entering into partnership with Fashion Fair Cosmetics the world’s oldest and premiere beauty brand for women of color. She is now their global creative director, a role that has her behind the scenes in the beauty industry offering her expertise in business and artistry.
We’re very excited for Tia and wish her the very best.