Mompreneur Chakeia Johnson Makes Life More Beautiful

July 8 2014


There are times when Chakeia Johnson commiserates with First Lady Michelle Obama’s sentiments about feeling like a single parent. For a few months out of the year Johnson, who is the mom of two small children, has to manage a household as well as oversee the day-to-day operations of her and her husband’s businesses while hubby Brandon works as a linebacker for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Every year before training camp it is their tradition to work in tandem to set their household and business affairs in order before he is off to training camp.

“It’s a juggling act but we’re accustomed to it and communicate well with each other to make sure the temporary disruption to our family and business routines runs seamlessly.”

Chakeia owns and operates a successful event-planning business that specializes in destination and special experience events such as spa retreats and weddings. She is also the owner of the Indulge online boutique, which is a new yet burgeoning endeavor to sell beauty products and luxe hair extensions. During football season, she serves as operating officer for Brandon’s LevelUp energy drink company, and in the off-season, they both tend to the Johnson Family Foundation.

Though Johnson relies on assistance from family, she would be the first to admit that while it is her business to make life more beautiful and fulfilling for clients and customers, it takes a lot of work to keep her own life beautiful. She says, “This is a praying house. My husband and I keep God first by calling on our faith to be good stewards of our blessings.”


Family first is her belief, and Chakeia is known for working in the wee hours of the morning as her children sleep and her husband rests. She also makes sound business decisions that support her values. Recently, she incorporated a concierge service for salons, stylists, and busy women who need private and personal assistance with their hair purchases. As she tests human hair extensions or counsels them on the type of hair to use for vacations and during seasonal changes, as an example, she is able to work from her home office and be near her children.

The Kentucky native has a MBA and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and a staunch supporter of breast cancer awareness, military families, and children/teens affected by domestic violence and abuse.

“Women work hard to meet the everyday demands of home and work, and my lifestyle businesses are a reflection of my compassion and empathy. My life is made easier when I can make someone else’s life easier.”

Chakeia Johnson in her generosity is extending a special offer to Hope for Women readers. She is currently offering a 10% discount on purchases from her online boutique. Use the code LOVEINDULGEXS at checkout. If you’re interested in her personalized concierge services, call 1-866-930-SKIN (7546).

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