Do Some Spring Beauty Cleaning & Receive 10% Off From Indulge XS

April 4 2014

Loose makeupIt’s time to do some spring cleaning. Don’t stop at your closets, drawers and cabinets. Go directly to your vanity and beauty bins to do some purging and organizing as well. Follow these rules:

  1. If it is an unopened product that is not old and you do not want it, put it in a gift bag and offer it to your friends or take to a women’s shelter to brighten someone’s day.
  2. If it is an opened product that  you no longer use, trash it.
  3. You only need three categories for cleaning: Keep, trash and give away.
  4. Keep a pad and pen nearby to write down a list of items to replace.
  5. Go through your makeup and without second guessing yourself throw out anything that looks un-hygienic.
  6. Organize everything by type.
  7. Keep regularly used items within reach and in a separate place.
  8. Wipe out, clean and even disinfect areas that have loose makeup or spilled product.
  9. Clean beauty brushes for both hair and skin (makeup applicators).
  10. Take yourself shopping to Target, The Container Store or even Bed Bath and Beyond for beautiful containers to keep your beauty essentials organized and ready for use. Don’t forget to clean that makeup bag in your purse too.

To make all of your efforts worth the while, Indulge XS is offering 10% off of your first purchase in our online store. Use this code at checkout: INDULGEXS10 for your gift.