Congratulations to Indulge XS Friend: Makeup Artist @tiadantzler

April 3 2014

TiaHeadshotshortOver the years celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler has been supportive of all we endeavor to do at Indulge XS. Tia’s work as a makeup artist has been showcased on magazine covers, in fashion editorials, on TV, in films…everywhere, including on every major red carpet. She has traveled the world with such notables as President Barack Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Viola Davis, Gaborey Sibide, Jeffrey Wright and many more. [Watch her here in Radiant You video.]

Big beauty brands have courted her to use their products as well as work as a consultant.

This newest phase of makeup artistry superstardom involves her entering into partnership with Fashion Fair Cosmetics the world’s oldest and premiere beauty brand for women of color. She is now their global creative director, a role that has her behind the scenes in the beauty industry offering her expertise in business and artistry.
We’re very excited for Tia and wish her the very best.


7 Tips for Developing Your Personal Skincare Protocol

April 3 2014

Skincare productsYou know your life better than any of us. There is amazing advice on the Internet, in magazines and even on television for taking care of your skin. You’ve read it all, tried much of it and now it’s time for you to make it – your skincare protocol – personal to your busy lifestyle.

  1. Treat the skin on your face gently and tenderly. Forget the need to scrub until your face is raw and red. Forget harsh products containing alcohol that burns.
  2. Include your diet in your plan or protocol. Drink more water and consider infused waters for extra health benefits and enhanced taste. Water hydrates from the inside out.
  3. If you work at home as a stay-at-home mom or from home as someone’s employee, consider using your calendar to schedule spa treatments like facials and expert exfoliation. You can also use your calendar to schedule in your daily care too.
  4. Make preventative skincare appointments with your esthetician and your dermatologist.
  5. Eat for your skin’s wellness. Reader Digest has a guide to 8 foods for beautiful skin.
  6. If you’re athletic or workout often, pack your skincare in your gym bag and clean your skin when you shower. Indulge XS has bag-sized products such as Cosmedix Clear.
  7. Reduce your stress and anxiety by taking up meditation or simply taking up “me” time as a regular part of your wellness plan.

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April 25 2012

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Facial Mapping

April 25 2012

In descending order down the forehead: Bladder, Large Intestine, Small Intestine.

Usually lines across the forehead reflect an imbalance. Congestion or acne in this area represents digestive congestion and possibly poor detoxification. Red and dry or flaky skin is an indication of lack of fluids in the digestive tract.

Between the Eyes

This is the liver zone. A red patch between the eyes is a possible indication of poor liver detoxification and even heavy metal toxicity (particularly mercury). Vertical lines in this zone indicate Liver imbalance.

Under the Eyes

The top of the eye and directly below the eyes is the kidney zone. Puffiness and fluid retention in this area is a sign the body is holding on to too much fluid (watery and swollen with a blue tinge) or is mucus congested (fatty and swollen with a yellow tinge). Salt intake should be monitored, as should excessive sugary drinks such as fruit juice and soft drink. To reduce mucus congestion, reduce fat and dairy consumption. Blue circles or white under the eyes indicates tiredness or even exhaustion. A yellow tinge shows the liver and gallbladder are working too hard.

Dry, flaky or red skin in the creases above the eye shows liver stress.

The Nose

The nose tip corresponds to the lungs while the bridge reflects the health of the stomach. Congestion in the form of blackheads usually represents poor stomach digestion and possibly low hydrochloric acid levels.If the nose is red or has broken capillaries, this usually indicates excessive intake of heating liquids including alcohol, coffee and tea.

The Cheeks

Represent the respiratory & circulatory systems. Pimples or congestion in this area are often the result of a high fat and mucus forming diet (simple sugar, dairy and processed foods).Pale cheeks may be a sign of low iron levels whereas overly flushed cheeks show poor circulation and the consumption of too many hot foods such as alcohol, coffee and spices and poor elimination. A greenish tinge indicates liver congestion.

The Mouth

Generally represents the digestive function. White or very pale lips may indicate low iron levels and poor circulation. Dry flaky skin or wrinkles can indicate dehydration. Cracks or sores in the corners of the mouth are signs of low B vitamin or iron levels. Red, hot or bleeding gums are a sign of a hot or over-acidic stomach and so animal fats, simple sugars and heating food & drink needs to be avoided.

The Chin

Corresponds to the kidneys and digestive system. Once again congestion in this area can be a sign of a diet high in processed foods, sugars and fats. It can also indicate unbalanced kidney function, which is usually the result of pushing the body by working too hard, stress or going beyond normal physical endurance.

The Jaw and under the jaw line

Often a hormonal influence, particularly if worsens in accordance with monthly cycles. Cysts rather than pimples may indicate lymphatic toxicity, which may result from medications, environmental toxins or a highly processed and sugar rich diet.